Hints & Tips

1. Stretching Watercolour paper.

To do this successfully you need the following:

  • Watercolour Paper
  • a wooden drawing board (not laminated or varnished),
  • gummed paper at least 1.5" wide cut into four measured lenths slightly longer than the four sides of the paper to be stretched,
  • a clean large bowl or sink containing water.
    • Completely immerse the paper in the water, making sure both sides have been wetted, then lift it out carefully. Tap off excess water on the side of the bowl, then place the paper right side up onto the board. Do not try to flatten the paper with your hands, sponge or tissue as this will damage the surface. Now dampen the gummed strip and place around the edges, overlapping the paper by about half an inch, and making sure no air bubbles are trapped beneath the gummed strips. Place the board and paper on a flat surface and leave to dry naturally. Do not be tempted to speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer or other heater, or leaning the board against a radiator. Do not paint on the stretched paper until it is completely dry.

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